Ultra Frame Rectangular Pools
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The Ultimate in above ground pools (AGP’s). Soft grey laminated pool liner puncture resistant 3-ply material, together with a brilliant white coping and blue tile print interior produce a luxury pool.
Rectangular pools are perfect for lap swimming and pool games. Their more traditional pool shape makes them a classy addition to any backyard.
This new frame with its unique shape is stronger than traditional rectangular frames; it’s easier to assemble allowing the pieces to fit together smoothly and securely with no additional locking pins; this is a better looking pool than traditional metal frames while the addition of our Krystal Clear Sand Filter allow for a cleaner, more luxurious image. 

Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool
Product Code: IN-26356
Size: 549 x 274 x 132 cm
Water capacity: 17203 lit
€ 1,050.00
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ULTRA FRAME XTR Rectangular pools provide the ultimate swimming experience. Classic rectanglar shape with an elegant dark grey and a water-blue tile print interior provides a very impresive visual pressence in any back yard.

Diensions 549cm x 274cm x 132cm

Capacity 17,203L 

Sand Filter, security lader, cover and ground sheet included

Shelf Box 129.4kg

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